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Spanish Supreme Court rules that ANFI Timeshares were mis-sold and orders full refunds of up to €53000 to Timeshare Owners. Are you also affected?

The Anfi Group of Gran Canaria operates one of the most aggressively marketed Timeshare resorts in Europe and the ground-breaking Spanish Supreme Court judgment of January 2015, and similar cases that have followed, have set legal precedents with wide-reaching consequences for Anfi Timeshare owners.

In January 2015, the Spanish Supreme Court ruled in favour of Timeshare owner Mrs Tove Grimsbo, declaring that Anfi Sales SL were guilty of mis-selling Timeshare in breach of Spanish and European Law.  The Court ordered that the contract was null & void and ordered Anfi to refund a total of €40000 to Mrs Grimsbo, including the original purchase cost and subsequent maintenance fees.

In this case, the Court ruled that Anfi had broken two specific laws.  Firstly, Anfi had required that Mrs Grimsbo paid a deposit within the statutory 14-day cooling off period; and secondly, Anfi had sold the Timeshare contract “in perpetuity“, which effectively committed Mrs Grimsbo (and her next of kin) to paying timeshare maintenance fees to Anfi for ever.

Further judgments against Anfi and other timeshare groups have followed, with additional legal precedents being set regarding upgrades/trade-ins, “floating weeks” and other instances of mis-selling, with Timeshare owners being awarded full refunds of up to €53000.

If you have Anfi or other Spanish Timeshare, please try our Claims Calculator to estimate how much you could claim if mis-selling can be proven – or call our Anfi hotline on 0044 (0) 207 183 3515 to speak to an Anfi expert now.

Opt Out Resolutions provides independent, expert advice and services to members of many types of timeshare, points and holiday ownership schemes – and we have already helped a high number of Anfi Timeshare owners who were looking for a way out of their long-term membership contracts.

Now, in light of all the recent Court judgments, we strongly recommend that Anfi owners seek immediate independent advice to see if one or more of these legal precedents affect their own Anfi Timeshare contracts.

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