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Court rule on Timeshare mis-selling and order full refunds of up to £40,000

  • Did you buy from GVC or Sunterra & trade-in to Diamond Resorts?
  • Did you buy or “upgrade” with Diamond Resorts in 1999 or later?
  • Did you pay a deposit, or sign for finance within the cooling off period?
  • Does your contract have an end date of 2054, or is it “in perpetuity”?
  • Are your maintenance fees sky high and rising each year?
  • Do you just want to get out of Timeshare & stop paying fees?

June 2017: Due to the sharp increase in enquiries from Diamond Resorts members following recent Court judgements, we have now set up a Freephone Diamond Resorts Hotline so you can speak directly with one of our Diamond Resorts specialists on 0800 246 5375 (9am to 8pm, Mon-Fri).

At Timeshare Advice Centre, we’ve experienced a steep rise in enquiries from disillusioned Diamond Resorts customers looking to solve a range of problems with their timeshare, points or fractional contracts.  Many originally bought via GVC, Sunterra or Aegean Blue, but have since been pushed into “trade-ins” or “upgrades” which have ended up costing a lot more in maintenance fees.

The DRI customers who contact us are often reporting particularly high, fast-increasing maintenance fees (more about fees…); concerns about being locked into long-term contracts; frustration at having to pay a resale company (i.e. TravelandLeisure) to unsuccessfully try and sell their Timeshares/Points and zero interest or help from Diamond Resorts themselves.

Until recently, Diamond Resorts customers often found their exit option very limited, but recent ground-breaking Court have sent triggered major changes throughout the Timeshare industry.

A number of new Legal precedents have now been set which mean that many Timeshare, Points or Fractional contract were mis-sold – especially in cases where an original Timeshare agreement was traded-in or “upgraded” to a Points, Floating Week or Fractional ownership – and are null & void.

These Legal Precedents offer new hope to 1000s of Diamond Resorts Timeshare owners, many of whom may now be entitled to have their contracts legally declared null & void by the Courts, with the original purchase price & subsequent maintenance fees refunded in full.

Following the recent takeover of Diamond Resorts by Apollo Global Management Ltd, and with the likelihood of these new owners imposing contractual changes to protect themselves against future compensation claims, it is very important to find out your rights.  To see your options for getting out of your Diamond Resorts contract commitments and to see if you may be able to claim money back, please complete the short enquiry form or call one of our Diamond Resorts experts now on 0044 (0) 207 183 3515

So, for free expert advice about your specific timeshare situation and options, please call one of our friendly expert advisors now on 0044 (0) 207 183 3515 or complete the short enquiry form.