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  • Did you pay a Deposit on the day of your Timeshare purchase?
  • Did you use Credit to finance a Timeshare purchase or upgrade?
  • Was finance paid or signed for within the Cooling Off Period?
  • Did you Trade-in/Upgrade to Points, Floating Weeks or Fractional?
  • Are you stuck in a very long-term or “in perpetuity” contract?
  • Do you just want to get out of Timeshare for good?

At Opt Out Resolutions, we’ve see a sharp increase in enquiries from WimPen Leisure customers seeking help in solving their timeshare problems with Los Claveles, Las Rosas, Sueño Azul & El Marquesin Tenerife; Las Brizas & Las Casitas in Lanzarote; and Club Buena Vista, Costa del Sol, Spain.​

The Spanish Supreme Court issued ground-breaking judgments on Timeshare mis-selling in 2015 which set wide-reaching legal precedents and triggered a wave of similar cases, with Timeshare Resorts/Groups being ordered to pay out refunds of up to £40,000 to owners of timeshares in the Canary Islands and other parts of Spain.

In light of these major developments, it is very important to find out your rights and see whether your contract has been affected. It could save you fortunes in future timeshare fee liabilities and you may even be entitled to claim back some or all of the money you have paid out.

It is important to stress that Opt Out Resolutions does not buy or sell timeshares or any other holiday products and is entirely independent of the Timeshare Resorts, Groups, “Industry Bodies”, “Resellers” or other organisations who benefit from the Timeshare fees that you pay them, whether directly or indirectly – so the advice we offer is unbiased.

To see your options for getting out of your WimPen Timeshare contract commitments and to find out if you hve grounds for a claim, please complete the SEE YOUR OPTIONS form or call us now on 0044 (0) 207 183 3515

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